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Snack Time: Parmesan Roasted Edamame

July 21, 2011

Sometimes I have trouble thinking of great, portable snacks that I can put in Brenna’s lunch that are quick to throw together and healthier than something I could purchase in the store.

I don’t always have a lot of time, but I try to do what I can when I can.

And one of those things that I can always find time to do is to make Parmesan Roasted Edamame.

They are delicious, protein packed, and literally could not be easier to put together and throw in the oven to make a tasty snack.  I’ve also brought them to work functions and they’ve been a hit there as well.
Which, considering my office’s inability to try new things, is something that makes me glow with a little bit of pride.

It’s the little things, people.

I know what you’re thinking.  They’re green, they aren’t pretty, and I’m not even sure how to pronounce them.

(It’s Ed-Ah-Mommy)

But they’re delicious!  Just give them a shot.

Parmesan Roasted Edamame


16 oz. Package Frozen Edamame

Garlic Powder

Parmesan Cheese

Sea Salt

Olive Oil


 1. Preheat oven to 450F.

2. On a baking sheet, place a small amount of oil.  Just enough to cover the edamame.  You can always add more later if it doesn’t look like enough.  Spread the edamame onto the baking sheet and use a spatula to mix the oil and edamame.

3. Sprinkle the edamame with a healthy amount of garlic powder and parmesan cheese.  Top with a touch of sea salt.

4. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes or until cheese is golden brown.  Serve warm or cold.  Yum!

Post linked to Midnight Maniac’s Meatless Mondays.

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  1. July 26, 2011 10:08 pm

    This looks good! I love edamame but I never had them roasted before. I will have to fix that soon.
    Holy Cannoli Recipes

  2. August 2, 2011 12:58 pm

    They’re great! We literally cannot keep our hands out of them.

  3. August 12, 2011 4:10 pm

    I just bought some Edamame (eh-dah-mah-meh) =P … I’ve never tried roasted before, so I’m definitely going to try this out!

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